Monday, 17 August 2015

Legoland Trip

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Hi everyone. I just got back from my first and foremost Legoland Trip in Johor! It was great and awesome!

Firstly, our tickets to Legoland was Free and we got the vouchers from Sinar Harian. So you guys can start collecting newspapers for offers too!

We departed to Johor early in the morning around 7 a.m. from Rembau, using the PLUS highway. 

From PLUS, to get to Legoland, exit to Senai (U). The toll was RM 27.50 (from Simpang Ampat tol) Then, just follow the signboard saying 'Nusajaya' or 'Medini Mall'. You will find the Legoland signboard in brown. The journey took about 3 hours only.

So here is the summary :

PLUS Highway ---> exit Senai (U) ----> Nusajaya ----> Legoland  

If you get lost, search for 'Medini Mall' because this mall is directly in front of Legoland. We arrived around 10.15 a.m. and quickly queue up to redeem our free vouchers.

** The picture above is the total price of our tickets. Luckily we got it for FREE!

And yeah, the famous trademark in Legoland. 

Upon entering, there's a locker to put your bags, but I don't really suggest you to put your bags there if you have a combo ticket as you can place your bags in the locker inside the water parks.

So we entered the park, and they said it's better if we walk around the theme park first before we actually go to the water park. We agreed on it, and we went to see the minilands first. This place was like super cute, because everything was made small sized and in Lego !

 cute KLIA and aeroplanes!

I wish to go there so badly :'(

After the minilands, we went to Lego Technic and seriously, you can just skip this place cause it's a bit boring. Trust me. Unless you're a fan of Star Wars then I guess it'll be cool. 

Later, we went to Lego Kingdoms and tried the rides. The first one was probably for kids, so the roller coaster ride was not thrilling at all. But it was worth a try any way, as a warm up for the next roller coaster ride nearby.

Oh yes, Before I forget, in case if you didn't place your bags inside the lockers at the entrance, no worries, for every rides, there would be a some kind of a box or something to put your bags as soon as you get on the rides. (You'll get what I mean when you actually get there.)

The second ride was a bit scarier compared to the first one but still, it's not as scary and thrilling as other rides from other theme parks. But yeah, you can't really compare because Legoland is purposely made for kids anyway.

PLUS POINT : The waiting time only took 5 mins. This was really good enough because so far, I've been to Disneysea (which took me almost 3 hours for a ride), Universal Studios Singapore (40 Mins), Sunway Lagoon ( 40 mins) and other theme parks too.

Then, we went to the next land which was the land of imagination. For adults, you can also skip this place, but it doesn't hurt to try.
Here, you can build your own racing car out of lego, and put it to a test to find the speed of your car and even race with other kids!

To tell you the truth, we lost by some bunch of kids, and gosh that was embarrassing!

We quickly moved on to the next land, THE LAND OF ADVENTURE. Probably the best land *for me*. We tried on the laser blasters, where you ride on a moving train, and shoot onto red or green lights using the gun (that is provided in the train) to get some points. Unfortunately, I was busy targetting the lights, I didn't take any pictures during the ride.

We then walk through the Lego City, and here your children can get their driving license for RM30 and drive their lego cars. But we skipped that part because I don't really think that adults can have a try haha. So instead, we tried the boating school (which was actually free) and it was like awesome!!!

The concept is exactly the same as driving, you need to use the steering wheel and the brakes to control your boat. Surely we had a few accidents by bumping to other people here and there haha.

Lastly, we when to ride on PROJECT X near the entrance. This time, the waiting time was a bit longer than usual, about 15 minutes. The queue was longer too.

Our time came, and we rode on this mini train which could only fit the four of us. At first, the look of it was quite scary, but it wasn't scary at all. Yeah, again, I was quite disappointed too. and again, this is a park for kids. So we have to get rid of those feelings anyway.

Around the park, there were many stalls, but trust me, the food sold are quite expensive. If you have a combo ticket, you can just exit legoland to eat at Medini mall where there are many other choices like KFC, Chicken Rice Shop and others.

Around the theme park too, you can have a go on this game *which I don't know what it's called*. Throw a ball, if you hit the target, you can bring the unicorn for free. But to play the game, you'll have to pay RM 10 for 2 balls. (Which means you only have 2 tries)

Sadly, it was hard enough so we didn't bring home any of those unicorns.

As we got sweatier and the sun just got hotter, we decided to cool ourselves in the water park. You'll have to present your tickets to enter.

You can place your bags in the locker inside the water parks.

Large : RM 40 
Small : RM 20

Nearby, there is a changing room, so you can just change into you swimming suits or whatever.

USEFUL TIPS : You don't really need to wear a swimming suit, but the number one rule to get onto the water slides is : WEAR SOMETHING THAT IS NOT COTTON.

and wearing a Jersey is the best choice. You can just wear a track suit, they don't really mind. But if you're not getting to any of the slides, then you can just wear anything you want.

***There were no photos taken in the water park, but the activities in there is exactly the same as other water parks and again, with less thrill*

The changing room was big enough to accommodate just about everyone.

What's so good about their changing room is that they provide soap and shampoo too!

Nearby the changing room, there is a surau (prayer room).

You can perform your prayers there, and the Sajdah and the praying attire is provided.

Want to know my overall budget to Legoland? Read my next post. That's all everyone hope it helps :)