Thursday, 6 August 2015

Review : Sunway Lagoon

Rating :

Ever want to go to Sunway Lagoon? I  badly wanted to go there last time, and I went there last year. Before I review this place, I would like to share the overview of this place.

Overview :

Sunway Lagoon offers adults and children non-stop fun and  entertainment – all in one place! Enjoy the ultimate theme park experience with over 80 attractions sprawled across 88 acres of land!

Have a splashing good time at the Water Park before enjoying the  fun and excitement of the Amusement Park rides with the little ones. Go wild and interact with the animals at the Wildlife Park and gear up for more action at the Extreme Park before facing your fears at Scream Park. Whatever your fantasy, Sunway Lagoon has it!


Okay enough of the too formative style. Haha. So now is my overview of this place. It has 5 parks, not only children can enjoy but also adults. Phewww wasn't that easy?? Hahaha.

Getting There :

Just use your waze and type SUNWAY LAGOON or perhaps SUNWAY PYRAMIDS because they are next to each other

Pricing :

The last time I went there, the price was RM90 with MyKad. But now, I just checked the website, the price is *including GST*:

Excluding MyKad :

Adults : RM 150
Children : RM 120

Including MyKad :

Adults : RM 108
Children : RM 81

*Such an odd number isn't it.

Family Package :

2 adults + 2 children = RM 292

My suggestions for a cheaper price :

1) Find promotions from Groupon
2) Find cheaper deals by Sunway Lagoon such as QUACKTASTIC Tuesday for only RM 40  which you can line up to get the cheap tickets which is limited to only 2000 visitors. First come First Serve! *Previous was RM20*

The Parks :


If you ask me, the park that I like the most is definitely the Water Park. With the new attraction - the Vuvuzela which makes you feel like your heart stops for a sec is really worth the try. *Try as much as you can!*

Other than that, the water parks are similar to other water parks. But you can also try the Waterplexx 5D

If you don't want to be wet, sit on the corner sides! 


I find nothing amusing about this park. But some of the rides you can enjoy is the roller coaster, and the Tomahawk.


Wildlife park was quite nice, as there were lots of animals to see. What's great about this park is that you can actually touch them because some animals just roam free around the park. One of it is the peacock, although it looks a bit sad, but you can find it walking just about every where.

The panther was quite cute but you definitely can't touch that! 


Moving on is the extreme park. Again, I was quite disappointed with this park because the thing that I only find that was thrilling enough was the flying fox. And you had to queue for a long time just to get on that! And to actually try it, you have to climb about 4 floors of stairs and it was freaking tiring. 

Don't get too amused, all the pictures above comes with an extra charges if you want to try.


I just hate to break your excitements, but Scream park is actually a Haunted House which is not that scary unless you are the type who gets shocked so easily!

So, overall rating, I would give 2/5.

The attractions are quite boring, and a bit too pricey, but other that that, it is clean, organised.

I strongly do not recommend you to go with that price being so expensive. Hopefully you can find better deals for it.

That's all.



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  2. Hi,
    Nak tanya, kalau mandi kat sunway lagoon, wajib pakai baju renang ke?
    t shirt biasa2 boleh tak?

  3. Waktu matta fair sempat beli 1 year pass sunway lagoon pada harga RM 200 je. Sekarang setiap minggu ke sunway lagoon je lah😅

  4. hey miss dae :) I really enjoy read this post.. saya mau bertanya, apakah baik jika berwisata dalam 1 hari ke Sunway Lagoon ??