Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Penang Trip

Penang. A beautiful state, clean, and calm. The most recommended place if you want to have a piece of clear minds. Why in Penang? What to do in Penang? What to eat in Penang??

Our journey to Penang probably took about 4 hours from KL PLUS Highway. We exited the Penang Bridge (the old bridge) because it was much cheaper, probably about RM 7 per entry. 

The beautiful sky and the clear roads were enchanting!

As soon as we arrived Penang, we immediately looked for a signboard to USM Pulau Pinang, a well-know University there. From there, we will meet a Penang born, who will guide us throughout our 3 days stay there.

The campus itself was beautiful! 

After we met, Rin, a beautiful, cheeky girl, she brought us to her house, left our bags, and set off for our food hunt (JALAN JALAN CARI MAKAN) as Penang is famously known for.

We drove to George Town, tried the PESEMBOQ and it was the greatest taste ever! (you can find the stall at the food court near the esplanade in Georgetown)

Nearby, you can also try Din Ais Kacang *A MUST TRY*

Eating Pesembur together with the ais kacang is probably the best combination ever. 

We then had a walk along the esplanade watching the sunrise. So beautiful.

The next day, we went back to George Town for another food hunt. We saw the tallest building in Penang which is (or was) KOMTAR.

Near to KOMTAR, you can find the Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul and so this time, we tried the penang laksa and Cendol Durian

The cendol durian is nice, but still it can't beat cendol durian Borhan in Kuala Selangor. But the laksa penang was the best!

After we stuffed so much in our tummies, we then went to hunt for Penang Street Arts. All these while, I thought that the street arts are places along one long wall, but it turned out to be wrong. We had to actually locate the street arts (more of like a treasure hunt) but luckily we got Rin with us, and she have identified most of the street arts.

The basket ball
The swing
The bicycle
The cat
The boy and the cup

and so many more!

Gosh, those kids are laughing at me! haha.

We stopped by at China House cafe in one of those streets.

Later, we head to Batu Feringgi just to see the beaches. 

But not long after we dipped our feet in the sands, it started to rain. We then head to Butterworth for another food hunt, which was definitely the Char Kuey Teow. Yesss, my favourite! I really recommend you this place, Sg Dua Char Kuey Teow, the services was very fast, and it was quite cheap!

The prices are very reasonable, RM 3.50 for a small plate, RM 4.50 for a large plate. And with no much difference of the price, I suggest you to take the larger plate. I ate two (L) and 1 (S) HAHAHAHA.

The last day in Penang, we head to Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu. It's a must try if you are in Penang, Nasi Kandar. 

The price was not too expensive, not too cheap, was okay. The taste was awesome too!

Lastly, we when to Penang Hill, took a cable car that costs RM10 with myKad. It was a steep climb and scary but worth it.

You can find those love locks on top of the hill, (it is exactly the same as at Seoul Tower)

I guess that's all that I've shared which to me, i think it was interesting and attractive. Hopefully this post will be as a guide for you to travel to Malaysia. All the best!


  1. I love your blog girl. I am from philippines currently here in Malaysia I will surely visit Penang ASAP may I ask how much is your budget for this Penang trip?

  2. I love your blog girl. I am from philippines currently here in Malaysia I will surely visit Penang ASAP may I ask how much is your budget for this Penang trip?

    1. hi dear. it probably costs around RM100+ for a 3days 2 nights stay depending on where you go, what you eat, and what kind of transportation u take :)

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